Workforce Statistics

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Regional Labor Force
Underemployed Workers
Median Age
Unemployment Rate

Phenix City and the surrounding region offers a talented and diverse workforce with approximately 108,000 employable residents, an 8.5 % (average) unemployment rate, and more than 9,000 underemployed workers. Fort Benning contributes to our work-ready region by providing a large population of working spouses and those transitioning to civilian life. The soldiers exiting the service are well-trained, disciplined, educated, and possess a strong work ethic – making the ideal candidates for local employment opportunities.

Workforce Training

Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) is consistently ranked as one of the top workforce training agencies in the United States. They have over 40 years of experience in training and developing the best workforce in the country. AIDT is committed to providing quality workforce development to new and expanding businesses in Alabama.