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Cemetery Division Duties & Responsibilities

The Cemetery Division is responsible for the general supervision and custody of the care and maintenance of the city cemeteries in its control, and to require written proof of prior payment of any fees due for interment permits before allowing any grave to be dug in a city cemetery.


Fees will vary based on type of grave site needed. See below:

  • Adult or Adult / Infant: $300
    Adult graves must be a minimum of 3.5 feet wide x 8 feet long x 4.5 feet deep
  • Child Under 5 Years Old: $200
    Child or infant graves must be a minimum of 2 feet wide x 4 feet long x 4 feet deep
  • Cremation: $100
    Cremation graves must be a minimum of 2 feet wide x 2 feet long x 4 feet deep

If you’re in need of a burial plot, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page and return it to the Engineering Division.

City Cemeteries

    • Big Pine Grove Cemetery
    • Community Cemetery
    • Edmonds Cemetery
    • Girard Cemetery
    • Godwin Cemetery
    • Hawes Wright Cemetery
    • Ingersoll Cemetery
    • Pine Grove 1 (Pumpkin Bottom)
    • Pine Grove 2
    • West End Cemetery

Helpful Information & Guidelines

  • Only one burial is permitted per grave, with the exception for an adult and infant
  • Two infants less than six months old may be buried in one space, either in separate caskets or in the same casket
  • Two cremation burials may be buried in one space with two markers allowed
  • Scattering of ashes is not permitted
  • All burials must be enclosed in a standard reinforced concrete, metal, or heavy-duty polypropylene vault
  • Grave mounds will not be allowed – with all graves being flush to the ground
  • Exposed vault tops are prohibited
  • One week after the grave has been closed, the city will remove any flowers, or other ornamentals, and place sod on the grave site
  • The City of Phenix City does not provide any burial services such as, but not limited to, tents, tables, or chairs
  • Only bronze, granite, or bronze markers are allowed
  • Markers must not be larger than 24-by-18 inches, including a vase smaller than 6-by-6 inches, and be set on a concrete foundation of 4 inches or more into the ground and in line with other markers. The cemetery superintendent will assist with the placement of markers
  • The city is not responsible for the theft or vandalism of markers or any other item at the grave site
  • The city will use all necessary precautions in maintaining city cemeteries, but will not be held responsible for scratches or other marks that may occur during cemetery maintenance
  • No fences, walls, or signs of any type are allowed around lots or graves
  • Only one flower arrangement is allowed per lot. Flower receptacles made of plastic, wood, glass, or metal are prohibited


It shall be unlawful in any event for any person to enter or attempt to enter any cemetery between sunset and sunup, whether or not such cemetery is enclosed, without the written permission of the Cemetery Division.


The automobiles or other vehicles shall not be allowed to proceed at a speed greater than 10 miles per hour when within the cemetery bounds. Such vehicles shall not turn around in the driveways, but must continue to the next street intersection before turning. All vehicles shall remain at all times within the confines of established driveways.

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