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Department Responsibilities & Goals

The Finance Department is responsible for the administration, direction, and coordination of all financial services of the city. The goal of the department is to deliver reliable management information to other departments to assist in achieving their goals and objectives and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their services. The Finance Department manages the accounting activities for the city, and is responsible for payroll, accounts payable, purchasing services, investment activity, and financial reporting.

Duties of the Finance Director

Under the City Charter, the Finance Director is responsible for the disbursement of all monies and has control over all expenditures to ensure that budget appropriations are not exceeded. The Finance Director has custody of all public funds and is responsible for the receipt of all money receivable by the city and the collection of all revenue due the city.

Reports & Audits

The Finance Department provides monthly and annual reports to the City Manager detailing expenditure, budgetary compliance, and the collection of revenues. The department is audited annually and copies of the Annual Audit Report can be obtained by contacting the department in writing. Financial documents and reports can also be found on the Financial Reports page.