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Burn Permits

Burn permits are required within the fire jurisdiction of the City of Phenix City. They are FREE and are valid for one year. Review the requirements associated with a burn permit below. If your burn area is 1 acre or greater, you will need to obtain the permit from the Alabama Forestry Commission.


In accordance with Section 307 Open Burning and Recreational Fires, individuals obtaining a Burn Permit will adhere to all requirements of this section.


A person shall not kindle or maintain open burning or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained without a permit other proper authorization. During construction or demolition of building or structures, no waste materials or rubbish shall be disposed of by burning on the premises or in the immediate vicinity without having obtained a permit of other proper authorization.


The fire official may prohibit any or all bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.

Under no circumstances shall heavy oils, asphaltic materials, items containing natural or synthetic rubber, plastic, or refuse (trash) to be burned.

Only one fire is to be in progress at one time

No burning will be permitted before 8 a.m. or after dusk, and the ashes thoroughly wet down or covered with earth to prevent smoking and rekindling.

Special provisions shall be required for construction and clearing sites.


No person shall kindle or maintain any open burning or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained on any private land unless the location is not less than 50 feet from any structure and adequate provisions are made to prevent fire from spreading within 50 feet from any structure, or the fire is contained in an approved container located safely, no less than 15 feet, from any structure.


Open burning shall be constantly attended by a competent person until such fire is extinguished. Such person shall have a garden hose connected to the water supply, or other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use.

How to Obtain a Burn Permit

Burn Permits must be obtained in person with the Phenix City Fire/ Rescue Department. Please call 334-291-4715, to discuss the permitting process.

Before You Burn

Prior to burning, you must check to see if burning conditions are favorable. Please call 334-291-4715, and check.

Burn Ban

Under Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) regulations, open burning is not allowed between May 1 and October 31 each year.