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Liquor License Procedures

The City Clerk’s Office aids business owners in the process of obtaining a liquor license in Phenix City. The process can be quite lengthy. Below you’ll find an overview of the steps you’ll need to take when applying for a liquor license.

Liquor License Application Process

The application process for a Phenix City Liquor License and Alabama ABC License run simultaneously. You will not receive your State License until you have been approved for your City License(s). It can be a lengthy process.

1. When applying for a City of Phenix City Liquor license to include on/off premise beer, on/off premise wine, on premise beer/table wine, and whiskey/liquor license, pool tables, dancing with live band or juke box license please provide a copy of the your State ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) Board Application and ABI (Alabama Bureau of Investigation) background clearance.

a.  First, apply to the State for your ABC license. The licensing information on your City License must match the information on your State License (business name, address, applicant name, etc.). Therefore, we require a copy of the State application to be submitted when submitting your City Application(s).

b.  The local ABC Enforcement Division is located at 3350 Skyway Drive, Auburn, Alabama 36830. The phone number is 334-826-1137.

c.  The Background Investigation – if you were not given the information to request a background investigation from the ABC office, a copy of the Form will be provided to you when you apply for your City License. You will have to fill out the form and mail a check to the address provided to you for the ABI Background Investigation. It can take several weeks to receive the investigation report back. This will be mailed to you, not the city. You will have to turn the report in to the City.

d.  When you have your State Application, and ABI Report, you can then submit your City Applications. The License Clerks will review the information on your applications and forward all information to the City Clerk’s Office. Upon receipt, the Clerk’s Office will review all the information you have provided. You will be contacted if there are any problems or questions with your application. The Clerk’s office will send copies of your applications to the Building Department and Fire Department, and copies of your applications and ABI Report to the Chief of Police. Each of these departments has to provide a letter to the clerk’s office to be included with your application package to ensure that your business meets all building/property/fire codes, zoning requirements, and clearance from the Police Department.

e.  You will need to contact each department to schedule a time for your business to be inspected by the Building Department and Fire Department for compliance to codes and to be interviewed by the Chief of Police. Contact information for each is provided below:
Building / Code Enforcement – 334-448-2740
Fire Department – 334-448-2854
Police Department – 334-448-2817

2. When the Clerk’s Office has received letters from each of the Departments, your application packet will be presented to the City Council for Consideration.

3. Your Application will go before Council for two (2) readings. The first meeting it will be presented at will be for introduction of the application and consideration. The next meeting, second time, your application goes before council it will be for final consideration and approval (or denial).

4. If approved, the Clerk’s Office will provide a letter to ABC stating your application was approved. We email a copy of the letter to the ABC office and mail the original.

5. ABC will not grant you a license until they have received the letter from the City. Once they received that letter, you will be able to get your State license.

6. Once you have your State License, bring a copy of that license back to the City and pay for your City License.

You may download the Liquor License Procedures and keep one for your records.