Frequently Asked Questions

///Frequently Asked Questions

The steps to obtaining a business license can be found in the License and Revenue section.

Yes, the Clubhouse Grill serves a variety of beer. See the Clubhouse Grill Menu for additional details.

You can search for registered sex offenders in the registered sex offender database.

Requests for information may be filed with the City Clerk’s Office. Requests for public records maintained by other departments as designated agents of the city clerk will be forwarded to the proper department. Copies of public records are available at a charge of $2.50 (search fee), plus $0.50 per page. Find the form under the Public Record Request section.

Persons wishing to address City Council must fill out a Request to Address Council Form.  This form can be downloaded from our website or may be picked up from the City Clerk’s Office.  The form must be submitted before 12 p.m. the Wednesday preceding the council meeting.

No, fireworks are not legal within the city limits. Please reference Ordinance No. 2014-16, which states it is unlawful to possess or display fireworks within the city’s police jurisdiction. Sparklers, however, are legal to obtain and enjoy safely!

Burn permits are free and are valid for one year. Review the Burn Permit section for additional information regarding burn permits.

Under Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) regulations, open burning is not allowed between May 1 and October 31 each year.

Burning without a permit is considered a Class C Misdemeanor, punishable by an up-to-$500 fine.

Most fires require a permit in Phenix City. Please reference the Burn Permit section of the website for further clarification. Note: Fires greater than one-acre in size will need to contact the Alabama Forestry Commission to obtain a permit.

Yes, burn permits are required for residents that live within the Phenix City fire jurisdiction. An onsite visit is required prior to each burn to check what is being burned. Learn more about Burn Permits in Phenix City.

No, the Fire Department does not fill personal or commercial pools.

The best type of fire extinguisher to purchase for your home would be an ABC-rated extinguisher. Fire extinguishers with this rating are effective against fires involving trash, wood, paper, liquids (cooking oil, gasoline, paint), and electrical equipment. Note: Fire extinguishers need to be serviced once a year to ensure it will operate when needed.

It’s highly recommend that you purchase a serviceable-type, 5lb ABC fire extinguisher from a certifiable fire extinguisher company. There are two in our area:

Columbus Fire & Safety Equipment Co.
3101 2nd Ave.
P.O. Box 791
Columbus, GA 31902

Fuller Fire & Safety
2002 2nd Ave.
Columbus, GA 31901

Serviceable-type fire extinguishers are the most reliable since they are guaranteed to work, when maintained properly. They are also refillable, should you ever need to use your fire extinguisher.

A firefighter’s gear can weigh up-to 75 pounds. The basic gear includes a helmet, hood, pants, coat, gloves, and oxygen tank. Depending on what the situation dictates, more equipment may be necessary.

It’s protocol for fire / rescue personnel to respond to the scene of every accident for a number of reasons. Automobile accidents present other hazards such as potential fire, ruptured fuel tanks, undeployed airbags, and/or the presence of hazardous materials. Also, if any occupants are trapped, fire / rescue personnel will begin the extrication (removal) process.

Yes, the Fire Department will do a courtesy survey of your residence to assess any possible safety issues, such as smoke alarms. Please call the Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Office at 334-448-2852, to schedule a visit.

Yes, you may contact the Phenix City Fire Marshal with an anonymous safety concern. Please call 334-448-2852. If your concern is an immediate threat to your safety, please call 911.

To report an alarm, code, or safety issue, please call the Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Office at 334-448-2852.

To let the Fire / Rescue Department know how they’re doing, you may call  or mail in thank-you notes. Customer service cards are also handed out during fire / rescue incidents that you may mail in.
Phenix City Fire / Rescue
1111 Broad Street
Phenix City, AL 36867
Ph: 334-448-2817

No, the Phenix City Fire / Rescue Department utilizes the Phenix City Animal Control Division of the Police Department to handle calls for stray / abandoned animals.

Yes, it’s possible for a firefighter to speak at your event or function. For scheduling information and to discuss topics you’d like to go over, please call the Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Office at 334-448-2852.

Yes, school classes are able to set up fire station tours, as well as fire education classes. Please call the Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Office at 334-448-2852, for scheduling information.

The City of Phenix City Engineering Division has a water tester certified by Alabama Water Watch.  There are currently three test sites that are maintained by Phenix City Water Watch.

If major deficiencies (i.e. sediment is leaving the site, failure to correct minor deficiencies since the last inspection, etc.) are noted onsite, the Engineering Division initiates an enforcement process to ensure that noted deficiencies are being addressed in a proactive manner. The first step in the enforcement process is issuance of a 72-hour Notice of Violation (NOV) to the permit holder that outlines the deficiencies and proposes corrective measures onsite. (If critical deficiencies are found, the time frame of the NOV is 24 hours). If the permit holder fails to address the deficiencies at the end of the 72-hour (or 24-hour) time frame, then a citation is issued by the city to the permit holder to appear in Municipal Court for violations of the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance. City personnel also have the ability to issue a stop-work order onsite if conditions warrant. Penalties for violating the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance are up to a $500 fine per day, per offense and/or possible jail time as determined by Municipal Court.

The City of Phenix City Engineering Division has developed an inspection and enforcement strategy that monitors sites in a proactive manner and provides response to deficiencies as necessary to ensure that city standards are being met to the maximum extent practicable. Inspections are conducted after each ¾ inch, 24-hour rainfall event, or at a minimum of once per month. Site inspections typically fall into three categories:

  • No deficiencies found
  • Minor deficiencies documented
  • Major deficiencies documented
  1. CBMPPs are submitted by the engineer of record for the project, along with other applicable engineering plans to the Engineering Department, where they are reviewed by the Graduate Engineer, Stormwater Coordinator, City Inspector, and other Departments (Utilities, Fire, Building, etc.) as required by plan content.
  2. Once the plans have been approved, a pre-construction meeting with the developer, contractor, and engineer of record is scheduled by the Graduate Engineer.
  3. The City of Phenix City Engineering Department will issue the Land Disturbing Permit at Plan Approval, after all other required State and Federal Permits have been obtained and copies submitted to the Engineering Department. At this time, construction may begin. The City of Phenix City Engineering Department requires 72 hour notice before construction begins.
  4. Once all BMPs have been properly installed, the contractor calls the Stormwater Coordinator to arrange for a site inspection of all BMPs. BMP installation is required to be completed  before mass grading/construction begins.
  1. ADEM reviews and approves/rejects NPDES Construction Stormwater Permits. All sites with planned disturbance greater than one (1) acre are required to obtain an individual NPDES Construction Stormwater Permit. Sites less than one acre, but that have the potential to have an adverse impact on downstream water quality; can also be required to obtain a permit. Sites that are less than one acre, but are part of a larger common plan development, are also required to obtain a permit.
  2. ADEM conducts site inspections in accordance with the NPDES Construction Stormwater Permit Program and responds to citizen concerns.
  3. ADEM issues enforcement in the form of consent orders and fines if deficiencies are evident on-site that result in a negative impact on downstream water quality.
  1. The Phenix City Engineering Division reviews erosion and sediment control construction best management practices plans (CBMPPs) submitted for individual developments by the engineer of record and provides comments to the engineer. The city has adopted statewide standards (i.e. The Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control, and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas, latest edition) to encourage uniformity in BMP design, construction, and maintenance.
  2. The Phenix City Engineering Division conducts initial on-site walk-through inspections of construction site best management practices (BMPs) to ensure that all BMPs are installed in  accordance with the approved CBMPP.
  3. The Phenix City Engineering Division conducts site inspections after each ¾-inch, 24-hour rainfall event – or at least once per month. The purpose of these inspections is to document failures / deficiencies in BMPs onsite and to communicate those deficiencies to the respective permit holder. Follow-up inspections are made, as necessary, to ensure that corrections are being made promptly to correct any deficiencies and to restore the BMPs.

The Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance can be found within the stormwater section of the website.

The original Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (Ordinance) approved by the City of Phenix City was Ordinance 98-09, adopted on February 17, 1998.

The Ordinance was reviewed and underwent major changes in 2005. This Ordinance was adopted on August 16, 2005.

The Ordinance was reviewed and amended again on February 21, 2007 as Ordinance 2007-07. This is the current Ordinance that is in force at this time.

The Ordinance is currently under review though no changes have been made at this time.

According to Appendix D of the Alabama Notice of Intent (ALNOI) General Permit for Phase II Small MS4’s (2003), “ADEM Administrative Code Ch. 335-6-12 implements a Statewide construction stormwater regulatory program consistent with NPDES requirements for construction activities. As provided by 40 CFR Part 122.35(b), this NOI does not require an MS4 to implement a local construction stormwater control program.”

ADEM has implemented a statewide construction site stormwater regulatory program that addresses the minimum control measure outlined in the federal Phase II regulations. The City of Phenix City recognized a need to develop a construction site erosion and sediment control program to aid in the protection of local water resources. The City of Phenix City regulations do not supersede ADEM’s regulations; they are intended to support the ADEM regulations.

The Phase II stormwater regulations outline six (6) minimum control measures that all Phase II Permittees must address when establishing individual stormwater programs. The six (6) minimum control measures are:

  • Public Education and Outreach
  • Public Involvement and Participation
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
  • Post-Construction Stormwater Management
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

The City of Phenix City applied for and received a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Permit in March 2003. The original permit was issued for a 5-year time period ending in March 2008. The City of Phenix City sent the General Phase II MS4 Stormwater Permit Renewal Notice of Intent and the accompanying fee on August 31, 2007, for Permit Number ALR040019.

On February 17, 2009, the City of Phenix City sent an updated Notice of Intent to reflect changes in Responsible Official and Permit contact due to personnel changes in the positions of Mayor and City Engineer. The city continued to operate under this permit while the new NPDES permit was finalized. On October 29, 2009, after reviewing the first draft of the new permit, the City of Phenix City submitted comments to the ADEM Water Division. On September 23, 2010, a Phenix City representative attended the NPDES Construction General Permit Update in Auburn, Alabama. Having received the revised draft of the new MS4 permit on February 12, 2010, the City of Phenix City once more submitted comments to the ADEM Water Division. On January 31, 2011, the City of Phenix City received the reissued NPDES Permit No. ALR0400019, and is currently implementing all changes in this permit period.

The City of Phenix City is considered a Phase II MS4 due to the urbanized area of Russell and Lee Counties.

The regulations define Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) as “Systems located in “urbanized areas” as defined by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, having a population of at least 50,000 and an overall population density of at least 1000 people per square mile.”

The Phase II stormwater regulations are a set of regulations that were published in December 1999, becoming effective March 2003, that are intended to guide local communities in the development of strategies to educate the public, to prepare local legislation, and to inspect stormwater collection and conveyance systems to promote the protection and preservation of water quality through stormwater management.

The Phase II stormwater regulations were an extension of the Phase I stormwater program that was initiated by Congress in 1992. The Phase I regulations required large communities with populations greater than 100,000 to apply for individual stormwater permits.

Failure to appear on your court date will result in a warrant for your arrest and the suspension of your driver’s license.

If you are found guilty during your court appearance, the process of your appeal will be explained to you in court.

To obtain a court-appointed attorney, you will have to fill out a form (available at Phenix City Municipal Court), and the judge will decide if you are eligible. Eligibility for obtaining a court-appointed attorney depends on many factors, with income / ability to afford private representation being the main factor.

A list of fines can be found within the pages below. Please  note that if your citation is not listed, it is because your offense requires a mandatory court date. For more information, or if you are unsure if you have a mandatory court date, please call 334-448-2780.

All red light camera citations are handled through Redflex Traffic Systems. If you have received a red light camera citation, please follow the instructions listed within the citation. Additional information can be found within the Red Light Camera Citation section.

No, court appearances cannot be rescheduled unless there is a medical emergency or a death in the family. If either of these circumstances occur, proof of medical emergency or death must be provided as soon as possible. It will be up to the judge to accept or deny the request to reschedule. Please fax necessary documents to 334-291-4765.

You must come to court on your court date and plea not guilty before the judge. The State of Alabama does not have a Nolo Contendere law and will not accept pleas of Nolo.

All fines paid by mail, drop box, or in person to a magistrate without going before a judge are plead as guilty.

Any citations not paid by the court date are turned over to the Municipal Court Judge who issues a bench warrant and a suspension for the violator’s driver’s license.

Follow these steps to have a warrant issued:

  • File a report with the Police Department
  • Bring the report to Municipal Court
  • File a deposition with a magistrate.  If there is probable cause a warrant or summons will be issued

Some important points to remember:

  • It takes approximately 45 minutes to and hour to file a warrant
  • There is no charge for a warrant

Drop box in the Phenix City Public Safety Building

  • Envelopes are provided.
  • Please include your signed ticket and a CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or PERSONAL CHECK made payable to Clerk of Municipal Court for the amount of your fine. Do not put cash in the drop box!!
  • The drop box is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Payments must be made before 8 a.m., Eastern Time, to be credited that day.

Payment In Person

Payments made in person must be made by the offender. You may pay in person between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, at the Phenix City Public Safety Building. Payment must be received no later than 24 hours before the court date shown on the ticket. You do not have to wait until your court date to pay the ticket. Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Credit / Debit, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Personal Check payable to Clerk of Municipal Court.

Payment By Phone

Payment by phone can be made by calling 334-448-2780. Please note that the only forms of payment accepted by phone are credit or debit transactions less than $200.

Postal Mail / FedEx / UPS or Other Document Service

Send your signed ticket and a CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or PERSONAL CHECK made payable to Clerk of Municipal Court to:

Phenix City Municipal Court

1111 Broad Street

Phenix City, Alabama 36867

In order to be properly credit your ticket, the payment must be received no later than 24 hours before the court date shown on the ticket.

NO! The person who received the ticket will need to plea guilty in front of a magistrate. The only exception is if you have already plead guilty before the judge and someone else is returning on your behalf to pay the fine.

The magistrates can accept:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit Cards-in person or over the phone
  • Debit Cards-in person or over the phone
  • Money Orders
  • Personal checks

To pay over the phone, please call 334-448-2780.

You may find a listing of current job openings in the Employment Opportunity section of this website, or by calling the job line at 334-448-2706.

There is space for four previous jobs to be listed on the application form. It is suggested that you list previous positions most relevant to the position for which you are applying. You may submit a résumé to accompany the application summarizing any additional work history.

Résumés are welcome to be submitted alongside the required employment application.

Applicants that aren’t selected for a position will be notified via email or letter that another candidate was selected.

Once you submit your application, it is immediately forwarded to the department of the position for which you applied. Your application is then reviewed, and the department will notify Human Resources which individuals they wish to interview.

Yes, a separate application must be submitted for each position you wish to apply for.

Applications are only accepted for positions that are currently available. You can periodically check the website or call the job line at 334-448-2706, to find out what positions are currently available.

You can find a listing of benefits available to full-time employees withing the benefits section.

Any work that is performed on city right-of-way must be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer’s Office.

The City of Phenix City has two recycling centers. For their locations and what they accept, please view the recycling page.

No. A site that is less than an acre is considered Permit by Rule.

The city requires a minimum 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe to be installed in driveways.

To obtain a computer-generated map, please call the Engineering Office at 334-448-2760. Map pricing and layers available can be found on the Computer-Generated Maps page.

If the AADT (Average Annual Daily Traffic) has been counted for a particular road, these counts can be obtained from the Engineering Office at 1206 7th Ave, Second Floor, Phenix City, Alabama 36867. The engineering office cannot do counts per citizen request.

If your water has been turned off due to late / delinquent payments, you will have to pay your bill (in person) in the lobby of the Utilities Department.

Utility bills are delinquent 21 days after due date. A late or delinquent fee shall be assessed on all charges not paid on or before the 21st day after the due date.

Upon discontinuance of service for nonpayment of account, a reconnection fee, in addition to the delinquent bill and all other fees previously charged, must be paid before service is reestablished. All reconnects shall be made only during normal working hours. If it has been necessary to discontinue the service, a reconnection fee will be required.

The easiest way to find out if your property is eligible to connect to the Phenix City sewer system is to call the Utilities Department at 334-448-2880. Fees are associated with connecting to city sewer lines.

Visit the Utility Service page to review the guidelines of beginning new service.

Visit the Utility Service page to review the guidelines of terminating service.

Signing up for online bill pay is easy! Follow these six easy steps to create a new online bill pay account.

To see which holidays your garbage will not be collected, view the holiday trash schedule.

Hazardous Waste is not allowed with household garbage pickup. View the full list of ineligible items.

Bulk trash, limbs, debris, furniture, appliances, grass clippings, etc. are removed by the Phenix City Engineering and Public Works Department, and is offered to those who receive garbage service. Glance at the Limbs and Debris section to learn more or view the policies and procedures. Questions or concerns can be addressed by calling 334-448-2904.

Due to the city’s unique infrastructure and annexation lines, the quickest way to be certain whether or not your property is eligible for curbside garbage pickup is to call the Utilities Department at 334-448-2880.

To learn how to receive residential garbage service, please visit the garbage section. There you will find guidelines, excluded items, the holiday trash schedule, and more.

In addition to permitted uses, there are other uses which may be necessary or desirable to allow on certain locations in certain districts, but because of their actual or potential impact on neighboring uses, need to be carefully regulated with respect to their location. Such uses, on account of their peculiar location need or the nature of the service offered, may have to be established in a district in which they cannot be reasonably allowed as a permitted use. Such uses are generally specified in the district requirements under “Uses Permitted on Appeal.” These uses are called “special use.” Such uses require special permission granted by the Board of Zoning Adjustments and Appeals. These uses must be in harmony with the intent and purpose of the neighborhood in which it is to be located. Review the Special Exception Application.

Any property owners may file an application for a variance from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Phenix City, Alabama where it is claimed that, by reason of exceptional narrowness, shallowness, or shape, or by reason of other exceptional topographic conditions, or other extraordinary and exceptional situations or conditions of such place of property existing at the time of the adoption of the Ordinance, the strict application and literal enforcement of the provisions of the Ordinance would result in peculiar, exceptional undue and unnecessary hardship upon such owner.

It is the intent of the Ordinance that variances be used only to overcome some physical condition of a parcel of land, which poses a practical difficulty to its development and prevents its owner from using the property in conformance with the provisions of the Ordinance. Any variance granted shall be the minimum adjustment necessary for the reasonable use of the land.

All variance applicants must go before the Board of Zoning Adjustments and Appeals.

You’re able to find out the area and dimensional requirements for your lot by contacting the Building Department at 334-448-2740, or by referencing the Phenix City Zoning Ordinance.

At this time, a permit is not required for tree removal.

If you need to make a code complaint, please notify the Building Department at 334-448-2740. Once the department is notified, a code enforcement officer will give a 7-to-10-day notice to the offender. If the notice hasn’t been complied with within the time given, law enforcement may intervene to rectify the problem.

If you need to make a code complaint, please notify the Building Department at 334-448-2740. Once the department is notified, a code enforcement officer will give a 7-to-10-day notice to the offender. If the notice hasn’t been complied with within the time given, law enforcement may intervene to rectify the problem.

Yes, a permit is required to hold a yard sale. The rules and regulations of holding a yard sale in Phenix City can be found within the Yard Sale Ordinance and Permit Application.

Current Code Editions
Full copies of the current code editions are available for review at the Building Department. Please call 334-448-2740.

  • 2012 International Building Code
  • 2012 International Residential Code
  • 2012 International Plumbing Code
  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2012 International Fire Code
  • 2012 International Property Maintenance Code
  • 2009 International Energy Conservation Code
  • 2014 National Electrical Code

There are several items needed when obtaining a building permit in the City of Phenix City. A list of required documents can be found on the page that references your type of project:

Building permit fees vary by type of permits needed to complete a project. Reference the Permit Fee Schedule for permit costs.