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The City of Phenix City provides water, sewer, and garbage services to the majority of residents that live within the city limits. Due to the city’s unique infrastructure and annexation lines, the quickest way to be certain whether or not your property is connected to Phenix City utilities is to call the Utilities Department at 334-448-2880.

Utility Services & Rates

The following schedule of rates and regulations regarding the furnishing of water and sewer from the water system of the city is hereby established and declared to be effective upon passage, approval, and adoption by the City Council of the City of Phenix City. (Ordinance No. 2017-04 | Effective Date: April 1, 2017):

Forms & Resources

Review the available information and forms related to utility services below. Please fill out and return forms to the Utilities Department during business hours to begin new service or make changes to your existing account. Account holder must be present to make changes or open a new line of service.

New Customer Service Fees

Each  new customer requesting garbage, water, or sewer service from the system (regardless of whether the premises to which service is to be furnished had been previously connected with the system), shall pay to the city a connection fee to cover the cost of adding the customer to the system. Fees for connection shall be:

  • Full Service: $110   (Water, Sewer, Garbage)
  • Water & Sewer: $90
  • Water Only: $75
  • Sewer Only: $75
  • Garbage Only: $27.50
  • Sprinkler System: $50

Payment of Bills

All bills for water, garbage, and sanitary sewer service shall be rendered monthly on the same statement, where more than one service is provided. Payment for each shall not be accepted separately, but shall be accepted on the same statement. Each bill for service shall be due when rendered, and delinquent 21 days after due date. A late or delinquent fee shall be assessed on all charges not paid on or before the 21st day after the due date. To view bill pay options, visit the Bill Pay section.

Unpaid Bills

All unpaid bills will be delivered to a service person with instructions to discontinue service. Upon discontinuance of service for nonpayment of account, a reconnection fee, in addition to the delinquent bill and all other fees previously charged, must be paid before service is reestablished. All reconnects shall be made only during normal working hours and no cut-offs will be made on Friday, holidays, or the day before a holiday. If it has been necessary to discontinue the service, a reconnection fee will be required.


The following charges are applicable:

  • Return Check Fee: $30
  • Reconnection Fee: $75
  • Late or Delinquent Fee: 10% of the charges for each service