Limbs & Debris

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Duties & Responsibilities

The Limbs and Debris Division maintains grass and vegetation on city right-of-ways and easements with periodic mowing and herbicide operations. Curbside limbs and debris removal is provided weekly throughout the city. Citizens following the limbs and debris removal policy help to ensure the entire city receives weekly service. Not following the policy may result in debris not being picked up. A copy of the policy may be reviewed below.

Limb & Debris Pickup Policy

The Phenix City Engineering and Public Works Department wishes to continue to provide regular collection services to the citizens of Phenix City in an efficient manner. In order to do this, it is necessary that City Ordinance, Sec. 12-5, Collection of grass, leaves, tree trimmings, appliances, and bulk items, be adhered to. A summary of the requirements of the ordinance and the policy of the Phenix City Engineering and Public Works Department is listed below:

  • Each residence located in the city limits of Phenix City will receive one weekly pickup of containerized grass and leaves not exceeding 50 pounds in weight and tree trimmings and shrubbery cuttings not over 6 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter originating on the property of the residence and not removed / placed by a contractor, provided that the residence has regular sanitary garbage service. The amount should not exceed one 20-cubic-yard load per 91-day period. The charge for additional loads, loads removed from residences without sanitary garbage service, or loads originating from businesses shall be $110 per 20-cubic-yard load (or $5.50 per cubic yard).
  • Each residence located in the city limits of Phenix City will receive one weekly pickup of miscellaneous metals, appliances, furniture, yard waste, etc. Metal appliances and miscellaneous metals must be separated from all other waste.
  • Commercial items such as building materials, materials originating from businesses or rental property, materials originating from contractors, and any other materials not described above will be arranged for pickup at the rate of $5.50 per cubic yard.
  • All items to be picked up must be placed behind the curb (or edge of pavement) clear of any obstructions such as mailboxes, trees and shrubbery, and overhead power lines.
  • Electronics (televisions, radios, computer, etc.) must be separated and arranged for pickup by the city for special handling. These items are not permitted in the Phenix City Landfill, but can be left curbside or deposited in a designated location at the landfill.
  • Vehicle batteries, paint cans, and any other hazardous materials are not permitted (by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management) at the Phenix City Landfill and therefore cannot be picked up by the city. Car batteries can be taken to any local auto parts stores. Paint cans may be deposited IN YOUR GARBAGE after they have been completely emptied and filled with sand.


To schedule a pickup, fill out an online service request and select “Limbs and Debris” from the drop-down menu.