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Council-Manager Form of Government

The City of Phenix City is committed to quality growth that will enhance our community and lead us into a bright and successful future. A five-member City Council, comprised of the mayor and four council members, governs the City of Phenix City and have each been elected to serve four-year terms. The members represent the three districts of the community and concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to residents’ needs and wishes.

Administrative Branch

The City Manager is the head of the Administrative Branch of the city’s government and is responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city. Also working with City Council is the City Clerk’s Office. The city clerk  is responsible for being the custodian of records for the City of Phenix City, which includes all minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and codes of the city, and is also responsible for the administration of municipal elections.

Our Mission

Review the City of Phenix City’s Mission Statement and learn about what we strive to provide our citizens each day.


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