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pcpd-coinThe Phenix City Police Department

The City of Phenix City is situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River adjacent to Columbus, Georgia. The Phenix City Police Department serves approximately 35,000 persons in and around the City of Phenix City, and covers an area of approximately 41-square miles. The City of Phenix City is situated within a metro area (including Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia) with a population of about 275,000.

Technology & Efficiency

The Phenix City Police Department is a progressive police organization utilizing high technology to report, track, and prevent crime. The Police Department employs the use of computers on a network equipped with the Spillman Public Safety Data System. This system enables the instant sharing of information between the Police Department, the Emergency 911 System, and the Russell County Sheriff’s Office. Data such as location information, past history of persons and places, current crime trends, wanted persons, investigative field interviews, and other valuable investigative and collaborative data are within easy access with the data system.

Computer technology maximizes police productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing police response time and integrating the emergency response system. The Police Department updates technology and training on a continuing basis to offer the citizens of Phenix City one of the most efficient and professional police organizations available in the State of Alabama.


The mission of the Phenix City Police Department is to serve and to protect. The service we provide shall be quality public service based on the high ethical standards we live by, free of any expression of bias or prejudice. Realizing that public confidence is earned, we shall strive to gain the community’s trust and support through professional attitudes, courtesy, and objectivity.

We are charged with and accept the duty to protect all citizens. We will serve our community by protecting life and property, preventing crime, and maintaining order for all citizens. We shall, by enforcing all local, state, and federal laws, protect the constitutional rights and privileges of all citizens under all circumstances.


The values of the Phenix City Police Department are our qualities of worth. They are the foundations upon which we establish our mission and policies. Decisions are made with our values always placed first. Our values shall not be compromised. They shall be a guiding force as we attempt to achieve quality service for our community.

  • We believe that we are accountable to each other and to the community we serve.
  • We believe that through cooperation and teamwork we will achieve our common goals.
  • We believe that we must identify and solve community problems.
  • We value human life and dignity above all else.
  • We believe that trust and integrity are earned and not given.
  • We believe in and support the Constitution of the United States.
  • We believe that we can achieve excellence through training and professional attitudes.